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You were the Song All Along

Thoughts for the day

Kiss the rain

It did not rain today. But the last time i was out in the rain this song popped into my head. It feels of a time, certainly of a simpler time for me but also a time of longing for more – which parallels today and which parallels this song. It’s said that the title […]

Counting blessings

My baby girl has been sick for a few days now. It is heartbreaking watching her uncomfortable. One week of school and she’s already caught her first bug. Trying to find the silver lining is hard at times but here’s to trying something new. I am blessed to have my girl, after struggling with infertility […]

There’s a light in the darkness

Still in pretty rough shape today. Still looking for answers and meaning and intention. I’ve cried too much over the last 2 days. The hardest part of depression and anxiety is when you don’t know what the cause is. You just feel on pins and needles and can’t explain why. Other times you know why […]